Tuesday, January 19

Sweet Slag

Not sure why I've decided to add this at 11:50pm.
Everything has a reason.
This is to celebrate dreams, that my now deceased Dad once had.
Dreams of being a Prog rock star and doing what he loved.
Whether it's your cup of tea or not, there is no denying he was a pretty good drummer.
Well Mr Chambers you made it to the dizzy heights of You Tube!
I wish you could of been happier.

Note to self (and anyone else): I will remember what it is I love to do and try my bestest to do it well.
Or start something that I've always wanted to do and give it my best shot!

Unrelated picture, but I love to draw!

1 comment:

Hannah Louise said...

chin up jo.
you're much too beautiful to be down :o)
i love the bunny she makes me happy as does your new dog and photoshop collaborations, more is more i say!