Sunday, June 27

Paw Seasons

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Paw Seasons again.
It's a luxury boarding home for dogs.
I say boarding home.
It's Jenny (the owners) lovely house.
She must be bonkers.
Saturday had her sharing her home with 10 canines!!
All lovely, in different ways.
I took some photo's whilst there.
These are the drawings from them.
Arthur, the Shih-tzu apparently loves croissants.
That is why I have given him a hat made from said pastry!!

Daft Punk - Da Funk.
Snoop Dog - What's My Name?
Outkast - Sorry Ms. Jackson.


Jenny/The Paw Seasons said...

Hi Jo, Great pics! Will send the link on to owners of Arthur, Archie & Olive, and if nothing else I'll educate you about dog breeds: Arthur is a Shih-tzu, not a Pekingese! (His croissant would curl at the ignominy!) See you soon, Jenny

legoheadjo said...

Blunder corrected!!
Cheers Jenny.
Croissant can uncurl now!