Wednesday, December 8

Follow me here!

Just a note to say that you can now follow me here.
Been trying to send individual messages out but unfortunately Blogger is having none of it!
Hope it's not too much hassle to do so.
Cheers, hope everyone's having a great day.

Tuesday, November 23

I'm moving!!

So , I have a new blog address!
My old Blogger account was just getting a bit dated.
I couldn't do certain things on it, so I decided to move.
Everything is the same, just a different address.
So if you visit regularly or follow, you can now find me here.

See ya. x x

Drawing and listening = Nice times

So today I thought I'd better get my act together for BAS Art Supermarket.
Very excited about taking part and being asked!
So drawing and making is on the cards, literally!!
So here is what I've done today.

Oh, and whilst I've been doing so, I've been listening to Jessica Hynes and Julia Davis being utter geniuses!
You should to, here.

Saturday, November 20

Today's offerings!

Not been that productive today.
Met up with an old friend, had coffee in a crazy garden centre, chatted lots and had a lovely time!
Thanks for making the trip Lara and for liking the same tat as me!!

I've managed to do a few drawings.
Here are they.
Like the first, think the second one is pretty bad, still, some days you just ain't got it!!

Friday, November 19

Xmas is coming!

So today I started to draw some Christmas inspired mutts.
These are the 2 that have come to life so far.
Bad jumpers and knitted wears are going to be the focal point.
It is also necessary to look grumpy always!!

Wrap up warm folks it's getting cold out there.

Sunday, November 14

Bean Town Mention!

Well, I have had another lovely mention on a blog!
This time it's the wonderful Bean Town.

Bean Town is a company specialising in glorious knit wear for fabulous canines.
It is made up of Anne and Micheal, a married couple from Nebraska, along with Bean and Lily, their beautiful Boston Terrier's.
I stumbled upon them at the beginning of this year, they may have even been the people to have got me hooked on images of dogs in clothes.
The wonderful model that is Bean, is truly gorgeous and a real selling point for their products!

They have given me such a wonderful mention on their blog and have also offered me some products as I wanted them to have the embroidery that I did of Bean. This seem's like a great deal!!

You can see more photo's an item's on their Flickr site too.

Quite frankly, who could resist these gorgeous faces?!

Saturday, November 13

Suitably named - Art Hound

So the other day I stumbled across a site called Art Hound.
This is run by Kate Singleton, an art consultant and blogger.
What I like about this blog is that it has a real personal touch.
Kate obviously loves what she does and knows what she likes.
I e-mailed Kate just to say hi and show some appreciation for what she does and she kindly featured me on her blog!!

Thanks Kate. When I'm back in New York I will be sure to search you out for a cup of Earl Grey!!

Read more about what Art Hound does here.
The picture below is of Kate, and her partner in their rather fabulous apartment in Brooklyn!!

Tuesday, November 9

More coloured squares!

Today amongst other things I have been making more brooches.
I like the process of creating them.
There's something therapeutic and satisfying about just having a small square to work with, like a tiny canvas or piece of paper!!
I'll be adding them to my Etsy shop soon as well as them being part of the Bath Artist Studios 'Art Supermarket'.

Monday, November 8

At last I have an Etsy shop!!!

So over the weekend I got my act together and eventually got an Etsy shop up and running.
You will find cards and custom embroidered dog portraits there at the minute.
I intend to include my brooches and illustrations as well as other items.
Glad I have got round to it, feels good to have something on line and really it was pretty simple to do. What the heck took me so long?!!

Anyway you can find it here at

A making day!

Today I have set to it and started making brooches.
I will be taking part in Bath Artist Studios, Christmas Art Supermarket at the beginning of December, so I need to get making.
Things I will be selling are; cards, illustrations and my brooches.
This mornings efforts are below. I plan to continue this evening.

Today I listened to this, until that it, it made Ben feel like he was going insane and I was made to turn it off!!